Five Ways to Make Wood Stoves More Efficient

The first metal wood burning stoves arrived in homes in the 1700s. They were a convenient source of heat, more efficient than fireplaces and were useful for cooking too. They continue to warm families all across the country and improvements to their designs have made them more effective and safer than ever before. Their one drawback is that the same ability to circulate air throughout the home as well as many other heating systems, but there are ways stove owners can improve their performance.

Center the Stove

Place the stove in a center room of the home. This will allow the heat to circulate through connecting rooms. The air is cooled too quickly to make it useful once it reaches other rooms when the wood stove is tucked away in isolated living areas or kitchens.

Choose Good Wood

Seasoned hardwood will provide the greatest amount of heat and will burn the longest. This reduces how frequently stoves need to be filled and reduces the chance of the fire burning out and cooling off the stove overnight. Because hardwood burns longer it will also provide more value per cord.

Build a Wall

Wood stoves next to brick walls are not just safe, they are efficient. Both brick and concrete will absorb the warmth as the stove operates and retain that heat. This will help to keep more warmth in the surrounding area for a longer period of time.

Avoid Curvy Stovepipes

Less curves in a stovepipe allows wood fires to burn more intensely because it improves air circulation. In addition, a larger number of bends will mean more places for creosote to accumulate and this can lead to chimney fires.

Use a Fan

One of the cheapest and simplest solutions to increasing wood stove efficiency is with a fan. Using small wood stove fans on top of working wood stoves will help to circulate the air through the home better than a ceiling fan. The fans use the heat energy to move the blades, so there is no rise in utility bills and no need to worry about batteries.

There are many reasons people install wood stoves. Some want to live off the grid, others love the romance of a fire and many enjoy its cost cutting benefits. Making the most out of every piece of wood is important to all owners and these tips can help to make that possible.

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